Travel Planning

US State Department Country Information & Advisories:

US State Department Overseas Security Advisory Council (some information is public and some is password restricted for members):

UK Foreign Office Travel Information & Advisories:

Canada Travel Advice & Advisories:


Situational Awareness / Behavioral Analysis

CP Journal – Online training and a library of articles on reading behavior and identifying threats from the authors of the book Left of Bang:

Emergence LLC — Behavioral analysis training from Yousef Badou, formerly instructor in the Marine Corps Combat Hunter Program:

Protection Circle – The blog of Ami Toben author of Surveillance Zone:


Evasive / Tactical Driving

BSR – Evasive driver training in West Virginia:

Vehicle Dynamics Institute – Evasive driver training in NJ run by Tony Scotti protege Joe Autera:


Combatives / Firearms

Salvos Modum – Beirut, Lebanon based personal protection training:

Immediate Action Combatives:  Immediate Action Jiu Jitsu and Pugilism:

Shivworks:  Dynamic combatives by Craig Douglas (aka Southnarc):




American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS):

International Security Driver Association (ISDA):