In an earlier article we discussed a number of key skills for personal security, including behavioral analysis.  We mentioned that while criminal culture may vary from location to location, many (not necessarily all) principles of behavioral analysis are universal to human beings regardless of location and culture.  The key factor when assessing behavior is to understand the baseline so that we can identify behavior that fall above or below the baseline and may signify a potential concern of some type.

Rather than expanding further on this, I think its more useful to direct you to some useful resources to allow you to explore this topic in greater detail yourself.  Interpreting behavior in the context of the environment and the baseline and using this to inform your decision making is a key component of personal security.


Training / Online Training:

From the folks who brought you the book Left of Bang, online training to develop your skills and reading behavior:

Like the authors of Left of Bang, Yousef Badou was an instructor for the Marine Corps Combat hunter Program.  His company, Emergence provides in-person and online training: and



Left of Bang by Patrick Van Horne and Jason Riley

What Everybody is Saying by Joe Navarro

Ellipsis Manual: Analysis and Engineering of Human Behavior by Chase Hughes

The Dictionary of Body Language by Joe Navarro


Hopefully these resources will help you work towards developing a solid foundation in these skills.

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