This may be a generality but all-in-all its a good rule of thumb.  In some countries it might be better to say 1am and in others maybe 10pm but the principle is sound.

Especially when traveling abroad its important to be cautious about your alcohol intake as this affects your judgment, your ability to respond and generally makes you more likely to be a victim of crime or even social violence.  As you — and others around you become more intoxicated the potential for trouble increases.  Social violence — often manifesting itself through barroom confrontations with other patrons and similar activities — can be potentially very dangerous.  Writer and corrections officer Rory Miller describes these types of social confrontations as the “monkey dance” drawing parallels between human behavior and that of our simian cousins.  You don’t want to do the monkey dance – or worse the “group monkey dance” in a bar in your home town let alone a bar thousands of miles away where cultural and language barriers can fuel the confrontation and potentially the violence.  The best way to avoid these types of situations is to avoid these types of establishments, especially after a certain time of the evening when a significant percentage of the patrons may be drunk.

Another old adage that usually holds true is that if you look for trouble you will probably find it.  If you are wandering around a strange city at night looking for companionship, drugs or whatever else you are likely to find yourself on a bad situation.

If you do go out late at night go out in a group and choose your companions wisely.  Have a transportation plan to get you back to your hotel or other accommodation safely and limit the amount of valuables you are carrying so that if you are robbed the result will not be catastrophic.

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