There are certain situations where individuals may be specifically targeted for attack.  It may arise from a business or personal dispute, due to perceived wealth, political profile or another reason.  Assuming you are not a head of state, high net worth person or other individual with a large security detail and other protective infrastructure support,  you will likely need to do it yourself or with limited resources:

  • Avoid time & place predictability. Being predictable in terms or time and location are generally considered the number one way people are successfully ambushed and assassinated or kidnapped. This means varying your routes and times of departure, arrival and generally varying your routine. Very difficult for most people to do effectively.
  • Conduct a personal risk assessment or if possible hire a professional security consulting firm to conduct one for you. This should include a route analysis and review of your routine to identify vulnerable points and times.
  • Heighten your awareness at these critical points and times. This includes arrivals and departures, choke points and identified danger areas.
  • Practice good operational security. Do not share plans or information with those that do not have a need to know.
  • Limit your social media presence and what you post. As part of your OPSEC plan be very cautious posting on social media. A huge amount of research and pre-operational activity now happens online. In the past much of that intelligence gathering needed to be done through physical surveillance, now a lot of it can be done online.
  • Conduct regular surveys of areas where you frequent, especially home and work to identify regular people, and vehicles and generally establish a baseline. You don’t have to do this yourself. You can have friends or family assist or hire a security provider.
  • Consider getting formal training in surveillance detection and attack recognition.
  • Consider getting formal training in evasive driving. A very large number of targeted killings occur when the victim is in transit or in/near a vehicle.

While not foolproof, implementing these measures can significantly reduce your risk of becoming a victim of a targeted attack.  These measures are also scalable and can be increased or reduced as the situation dictates.

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