Do you travel or live abroad? Do you know how to protect yourself from criminal and terrorist threats? How do you decide which hotel to use? What are the risks of taking taxis in some cities? What do you need to know about dealing with the police and your local contacts in foreign countries? How can seemingly innocent items you pack in your suitcase get you into trouble with local authorities? Safe Travel Abroad goes beyond what is usually found in travel security books and government issued travel information and includes new information on protecting yourself overseas. Learn about assessing the risks associated with your travel, applying surveillance detection techniques and route selection. Learn how to choose hotels and residences overseas. Discover the common myths and pitfalls associated with travel security and learn how to avoid them. Understand ways to reduce your risk through proper planning and preparation. Integrated Protective Concepts applies over 20 years of experience working and traveling in more than 50 countries on 5 continents to bring you usable information that you can apply immediately to protect yourself overseas.  Available at

A confused tourist gets into the wrong taxi and is expressed kidnapped. A businessman is lured to a bogus meeting and held for ransom. An expatriate consultant is kidnapped after being stopped at an impromptu roadblock. A journalist goes for an interview that turns horribly wrong. A bank manager’s family is held hostage to force him to access bank funds.

Kidnapping is a pervasive crime that takes many forms around the world. Kidnapping Avoidance & Prevention will help you understand the different types of kidnappings, how they occur and how to identify ways you can better protect yourself, your family and your personnel.

In this book you will learn:

•About different types of kidnappings
•How kidnappers select their victims and the process and methods they use
•How to assess your vulnerability
•How to recognize potential ruses and traps
•How to limit information about yourself and your movements
•How to recognize surveillance and other pre-incident activity
•How to use OPSEC principles to protect yourself
•How to use force multipliers to mitigate risk
•Where to find additional resources

Kidnapping Avoidance & Prevention doesn’t discuss hostage survival or how to handle a kidnapping event; rather it concentrates on proactive measures that can be used to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a kidnapping.  Available on


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8 Key Elements of Personal Security is a brief guide from Integrated Protective Concepts LLC that introduces 8 aspects of personal security that you can apply to enhance your security posture and reduce risk. The material in this guide was originally developed for people living, working and traveling in high risk areas overseas but is very scalable and can be  adapted to your individual situation.  You can download this PDF guide here: by navigating to our Subscribe page.